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***March 10, 2017  The Executive Board is requiring each contestant to provide a 72 hour health certificate for the 1st rodeo you will be attending in the next few weeks.  If your 1st rodeo is Moapa, you will need to provide the health certificate at check in.  If your 1st rodeo is Fernley, you must provide the health certificate when you check in.  The 72 hour health certificate is 72 hours before the check in date at the rodeo.  If you come to the rodeo and you do not have the health certificate to turn in, you will not be allowed to stay.

Please see the revised Rodeo Schedule for new rodeo dates for the remainder of the rodeo season.  The schedule is posted under the Rodeo Information Tab.  There are also new entry and eligibility form deadline dates.  If you have any questions, please ask your club director for assistance.

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Home School Eligibility Information

Home School Eligibility Guidelines

Eligibility Check Dates 2016-17

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“The Rodeo State” License Plate

Whether you are registering a new truck, car or trailer or you are renewing your current registration, ask for the Rodeo State License Plate.

The Rodeo State Charitable License Plate provides funding to the Nevada State High School Rodeo Association and the Reno Rodeo Foundation.  Charitable proceeds are shared between these two organizations.  The Rodeo State plate is one of the most popular charitable plates in Nevada and we hope you you will choose to display it proudly on your vehicles and trailers.

Please visit http://www.dmvnv.com/platescharitable.htm#Rodeo for further information from the DMV.

Thank you for supporting the Nevada State High School Rodeo Association and the Reno Rodeo Foundation.

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