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Reno Rodeo Foundation

Support the Nevada State High School Rodeo Association by buying the Rodeo State License Plate – Link

Fundraising & Sponsorship Opportunities

Thank you so much to Nevada State High School & Jr High Rodeo Association for presenting a great prize for your 2021 raffle.

I won this Polaris ATV and it is AMAZING. Good luck to all the 2021 National contestants! -So Blessed Kathy Geney

Here is a wonderful opportunity to support our members of Nevada High School Rodeo Association.  They will be out selling raffle tickets for the above ATV.  See one soon to get in your chance to win this wonderful thing.  They are $10 a piece and the drawing will be held during our state finals in May over Memorial day this year.  No attendance needed.

If you would like to be a proud sponsor of the Nevada State High School and Jr. High Rodeo Association, please see the below sponsorship  information.  You can contact any association member of officer for further information.

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